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Package # 3     
6-color 4-station textile printer

Package #3 - Silk Screen Equipment

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FAQ for Package #3

Package #3 is designed for the demanding professional.  This is the professional model that can get large orders done on time.  

Package #3 includes the following supplies:

  • E-Z TECH 6-color/4-station textile printer 
    (Produced with durable steel and with powder coating to resist rust and chemical erosion).

  • E-Z TECH Flash Dryer
    (Includes its own stand and operates on 110 volts of electricity and is powder coated to resist rust and chemical erosion.  Includes a five- year warranty on the heating element).

  • E-Z TECH Exposure Light
    (500- watt halogen light used for putting the image into the silkscreen).

  • Supplies include a 16 oz. container of the following:
    emulsion, degreaser, reclaimer, screen block, black plastisal ink, soy solvent, and 1 can of spray adhesive

  • Tools Include:
    1 silkscreen  22" X 19," 1 SQUEEGEE 12," 1 screen coater, 1 roll of 2" plastic tape, 10 test pellons, and training video


$3,195 + $250 shipping

To order Package #3, please contact us at 877-260-7422.

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