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What you get in Package #1!

  • E-Z TECH table top textile printer
    (Our equipment is capable of doing four colors or more. The printer is produced with durable steel and powder coated to prevent rust and chemical erosion. Easy to carry anywhere: fairs, flea markets, etc.)

  • 4 - Pair of E-Z Tech Multi-Color Registration Brackets
    (These brackets enable you to print multiple-color t-shirts (four pairs of brackets allow you to create a four color shirt).  These brackets attach to wood or aluminum screens. Additional pairs of brackets are available for $20.00 a pair).

  • E-Z TECH 16" x 16" Flash Dryer
    (The flash dryer is self-contained in this package.  It operates on 110 volts of electricity and is powder coated to resist rust and chemical erosion.  Includes a five-year warranty on the heating element).

  • E-Z TECH Exposure Light
    (500-watt halogen light used for burning the image into the silkscreen).
    Starter Kit

  • Starter Kit
    Click here for more information.)

  • Supplies include a 16 oz. container of the following:
    Screen Block
    Black Plastisol Ink
    Soy Solvent
    Spray Adhesive (one can)

  • Tools Include:
    1 Wood Silk-Screen  (22" X 19")
    1 Squeegee (12") 
    1 Screen Coater 
    Plastic Tape (2" Roll) 
    10 Test Pellons



3 more Silk-screens 21" X 19"
3 more Squeegees 12"
4 more Colors of Ink (Red, Blue, Yellow, White)

$150 (free shipping)

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Why is Package #1 so popular?


Shipping is $85.

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