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Conveyor Dryer

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The EZ TECH Conveyor Dryer is a powerful unit that will increase production time and efficiency. If you are looking for a better way to cure your garments, this is your solution.

Why should I get a conveyor dryer?
A conveyor dryer is used to speed up production time.  This type of dryer is crucial to completing an order of 500 t-shirts that needs to be finished the next day.  Once you have established your business, a conveyor dryer is a great investment. This investment will increase productivity and efficiency!

Price Comparison
Just like our silk screen presses, our conveyor dryer is one of the most inexpensive dryers around.  Other conveyor dryers cost between $3,000 and $5,000.  With our conveyor, your are getting a high quality piece of equipment at an inexpensive price.  Our dryers are made to last.


Belt Length:
Belt Width:
Heat Panels:

(2) 12" x 24"
2400 watts

  220 volts
  There is a separate control for each heat panel, and a variable speed control on the motor.  The body is powder coated to resist rust and chemical erosion.


Shipping $200

Order over the phone: 877-260-7422


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